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Q Where can the B2X System be mounted?
A Canopy is a line of sight service which means that the B2X System must be mounted where it has direct visibility to the Access Point on the Tower. Typically, the roof or eave is the best location for the equipment.
Services - Better Internet Solutions

B2X Online, Inc. currently has service offerings for business and residential customers. Our product, with all it's advantages, fits with today's user requirements. We are striving to provide the best possible Internet solution at competitve rates.

B2X has many offerings based on where you receive our service. All of our areas receive a quality, reliable service.

We are capable of customer building a package for you based on your internet needs. For example, a gamer may need only 3Dn and 2Up with 75Gigs, or a stock broker may need a lot of download for viewing files 6Dn and 1Up with 50Gigs, or student may only need 3Dn and 3Up to take online classes. A standard business needs 4Dn and 2Up with 50Gig for its 5 employees, or connecting 2 store locations together each would need 4Dn and 4Up with 100Gig.
These are great examples for basic internet needs.

Below is a table that outlines the avaliable speeds for each type of product we offer.
WiMax LOS 900 MHz
Download: 1Meg to 10Meg Download: 1Meg to 6Meg Download: 768K to 2Meg
Upload: 1Meg to 4Meg Upload: 1Meg to 4Meg Upload: 384K to 1Meg

Business Service
Service speeds will vary based on your serivce area. Please contact us for more information. Below are the starting packages.
Package Installation Monthly Usages Static-IP Remote Support
Entry $150 Please Call 75GB Included Included

Residential Service
Service speeds will vary based on your serivce area. Please contact us for more information. Below are the starting packages.
Package Installation Monthly Useage
Entry $120 $45.00 50GB

All products and pricing where based on plans located in Salem, VA at April/2014. All names or products listed above are registered trademarks of the respected companies. * Equipment cost for modems may or may not be included in pricing plan and can be purchased separately. All plans and speeds are subject to avaliabiliy of coverage area. A free site survey is required for all packages and services and actual pricings and speeds can be discussed with the site sales representative at time of visit.

Other offerings
Below are a few more services we offer:
Wireless Broadband
Virtual Networks
Virtual LANs
Co-location Floor Space
High Speed Hosting
Email POPs

Facts about our network
Switched Backbone - Motorola
Routers - Cisco
Other - Hewlett Packard, Dell, Intel
Our Back Bone:
Canopy Wireless - Motorola
COX Cable
Points of Presence - POPs:
Please refer to
the link below
Coverage Map
24/7 SNMP System Monitoring
Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring
Switch Transfer Rate Redirection
Site Monitoring
POP Monitoring
Remote Monitoring
System Advantages:
Over air data encryption
POE - Power over Ethernet
System integration
Simple Connectivity
Phase Shift Keying - Interference Reduction
Product Advantages:
Price Competitive
Static IP Included*
Faster than DSL
Small foot print
Non-intrusive internal systems
Working Partners:
COX Cable

30 Mill Lane / Salem, VA 24153 / PHN 540.389.7924 Review our current AUP